Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our Trip to the Zoo, Part 3

This is what's known as a Bearded Warthog. We knew him as stinky. For being so fierce (you can't see his teeth in this picture), these guys were actually kind of cute. At one point they just kept chasing each other around their pin. He kind of reminds me of a soldier in the Civil War.
I'm not really sure what this next little guy is. I missed the sign. But he kind of looks like a punked-out Bambi. He has his little mohawk and his antler piercings. He's hard core and cute as can be!
The third photo is of some flowers at a break area. I just liked the colors. Just in case you don't already know, the drinking fountain water at the zoo is yucky, and made me feel crummy in the tummy. Of course, it could've also been the heat and all of the walking we did. You're better off paying $3.50 (part of the money is a zoo donation) for a bottle of water from a machine.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Trip to the Zoo, Part 2

Our following two photos are of meerkats. If you've ever wondered what meerkats look like, or live under a rock and have never watched "The Lion King", then feast your eyes upon the first two cuddly pictures. Look at the first little guy digging a hole so he can hide from all of our cameras. Aww... Or the second one, who was posing for us. You can tell which one has been there a while.
The third photo is of a mommy and baby warthog eating together. I was so proud of this pic. I framed them in the leaves and it looked great in the viewer on my camera. But upon loading it onto my computer, I realized I had a great picture of some leaves. But I decided to post it, anyway, for memory's sake.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our Trip to the Zoo, Part 1

Last Thursday, Briggidy, Brandy, Their Aunt Kathy, their cousins Julie, Janet and I all went to the San Diego Zoo. It was great. We all laughed at everything and all the animals were super-cute. By the end, we were all tired and cranky. Okay, by the end, I was tired and cranky. But we still all had fun. I was sore and exhausted for three days, afterwards, after all of the walking we did. But we finished off the night with chocolate chip pancakes, so it was all in all a great day.
I didn't take nearly as many pictures as some of the others, but I thought I would space these out, anyway. The first one is of a Tree Kangaroo, who clearly is not in a tree. The second photo is of two of the Giraffs you can feed at two different times each day. Most of us fed them. Their tongues are long and slimey, but they have hand sanitizer for after they've taken your biscut. The third photo is a cute baby Giraff. Apparently, when a Giraff is born, she falls six feet to the ground. We think it's scary when we're born: it's cold, bright and who are all these people staring at you? At least we don't have to drop a great distance to the ground and are expected to immediately stand up. We're such wimps.
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