Thursday, February 23, 2006

Final L.A. Post (for now...)

Well, I'm 99% packed. I ran out of boxes, but all the stuff that needs to be in boxes are in boxes. I'm pulling out the trash bags, next.
I'm in a much better temperament this move than I was my last move. Of course, I haven't actually moved, yet. But at least this time, I labeled my boxes, specifically, instead of writing "RANDOM CRAP" on each one with magic marker.
Right now, I have a fierce case of the hiccups. I've had them for about a half hour, now. They'll go away at some point, but I'll get them again within the next 24 hours. I always do.
Okay, well, I guess this is it, for a few days, anyway. I'm not sure when I'll post, again. I guess there's no phone jack in my room, yet. But as soon as I have one installed, I'll let you all know what it's like in beautiful, slightly North-Eastern, Southern California.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My little going-away party.

Today was my going-away party, thrown by my fellow servers from the Scottish Place. Well, there was one manager there, but she used to be a server so it counts. My party was held in the afternoon at the Disney Soda Fountain/Gift Shop, which everyone felt was appropriate. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a chocolate phosphate (as shown, left), and for dessert I had a Black and White Sundae. It was delicious! I recieved a card signed by everyone from the Scottish Place and $200! That just blew me away, it was so very nice of everyone. As the first wave of people started to leave, several more people showed up. One brought her daughter and her grand-twins, who were just adorable. They're going through their drooling phase, and I learned I'm not too keen about that. But they were still cute. After the second wave was finished eating, we headed our separate ways.
I would just like to thank everyone who showed up, and to those who didn't but still wished me well.
The photo below features the first wave of guests, including Mickey. I don't have pseudonyms for you all, so I'll use initials.
Featured are M.R. (who is showing off her "I ate the whole thing" pin that she got for finishing her sundae), V.B., A.S., Me, S.B. and D.R.
Those not shown but who I'd also like to thank are S.R., D.R., s.r. & s.r. (twins), Y.M. and V.D. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 12, 2006

No more brunch for me! Hooray!

Today was my last brunch. It truly was a wonderful thing. Brunch was the bane of my existance, and I no longer have to deal with it (until I get a job somewhere else that serves brunch).
Here are the reasons I loved brunch:
1. All the blueberry muffins I could eat.
2. Getting to vent with my fellow coworkers about my (evil) guests.

Now, here are the reasons I hated brunch:
1. Free champagne. Oh my goodness. Okay, these people that come in actually expect me to pour them champagne during every minute of my shift. Calm down people, it's free. It's not like you have to worry about getting your money's worth.
2. The stress. It doesn't matter what time you come in, you will be sat before your shift actually begins. One brunch, I was told that I'd been sat a table as I was walking into the restaurant. And if you have plans right after your shift, forget them. I had an audition about an hour after brunch ended, once, and had to miss it, because I was still working.
3. The free champagne. There is never an open bottle when you need one. And if there is, it's empty. I'll say this: if it weren't for brunch, I wouldn't know how to open a bottle of champagne. My first few brunches, I had so many plastic corks popping out of bottles and riqochetting off of walls. Luckily, no one was hurt.
4. The evil guests. Okay, I must stress this: 90% of the guests at brunch are actually nice people. They're just there with friends and family, maybe after church, out to make the most of their Sunday. But there is that 10% of people who are simply miserable and angry about life, in general, and actually want to piss you off. These people should not eat out. In fact, they should not even leave their homes until they can find their happy place. But society doesn't work that way, and so the angry people are allowed to go out. Most of them like to go to the Scottish Place for Sunday brunch. They usually yell at the server. They yell and yell and yell, and when I don't give them anything free (because let's face it, they don't deserve it), my tip becomes very tiny (unless her husband is paying, and then my tip is really big). I could be wrong, but I think most of these people are evil because of... (say it with me...)
5. The free champagne. I swear, I had this lady who stopped short of slapping me because I told her we had no more champagne. The fact that brunch had been over for an hour and a half did not matter to her. The fact that dinner was now starting did not matter to her, either. Some times, you just need to stop and think if you're fighting over something that actually matters in the over-all scheme of things.

So, seeing as how the cons clearly out-weigh the pros, I am very happy that today was my last brunch.