Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The rest of Comic-Con

I haven't posted in a while, so I decided to cut the suspense and show you the rest of my Comic-con pictures.

Here I am waiting to get a chance to take the Dharma test. There was no line, and it was very unorganized.
Here is a guy who was promoting the new G.I. Joe movie taking the test. He got in, and I'm happy for him, but quite frankly I didn't think it was very fair.
Here are ladies from the Dharma Initiative telling everyone that they're all full for today, please try tomorrow. I had been one layer of mob away from the sign-up sheet when they first made this announcement. I was completely bummed after this, and it really put a damper on my whole Comic-Con experience.
Here is the Stargate booth. I enjoyed SG-1, and I'm just getting into Atlantis. They're talking about doing a third show, with a more youthful bent. My reaction: uh-oh.
Random flower shot.
"B" and me.
Fat Momma and her son were kind enough to pose for a picture with me. She was really very polite, and her son immediately gave me a hug (he assumed everyone was posing for a picture with him, and he was more than happy to oblige), which made me smile.
After I had my picture taken with Fat Momma, and "B" had seen the lectures for the shows she had wanted to see, we both felt we were pretty much done with Comic-Con. So we headed out of the convention center and crossed over into the Gaslapm District.
We wandered around for a little bit and it was very nice. "B" knew what parts of the district were the "not scary" parts, so we did just fine.
May I just say, I had no idea just how many "authentic Irish pubs" were in San Diego, but there are a ton! The Irish must love San Diego. For one thing, the weather is considerably better, I'm sure.
After hobbling around the Gaslamp District (our feet hurt), we drove accross the bridge to Coronado. It was very pleasant, and I managed to get this great picture of the Hotel Del Coronado. You can't even see the full dumpster that was a few feet behind the sign!
We walked down to the beach and took off our shoes. The soft, cushy sand was like a natural foot massage. "B" went down to the water and stood just where the ocean rolled onto and off of the sand. I joined her, and it had to be the best idea all day!
We saw some beach cruisers.
We then ate at this great restaurant called Costa Azule. It was surprisingly affordable, and I had the best shrimp quesadillas ever! I would've taken a picture of the food, but that may have been a bit too much.
And that was our trip to Comic-Con. Honestly, I didn't like it, but I'm glad I went. I'm really glad that "B" came with me, because had I gone by myself I would've been miserable. It was far too crowded, and maybe I'm too spoiled by theme parks, but not everyone could take part in everything. As with the Dharma Initiative booth, very few people could take part (about 40 out of 125,000 people for that day). I'm pretty sure I won't be going again. There are plenty of other things I can do to get my Lost fix. "B" said pretty much the same thing while we were there, except all of the stuff about Lost, as she is not a fan of that show.
And there you have it.