Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good news!

My phone didn't get shut off. And my power's not getting shut off, either. I don't think I mentioned that that was in jeopardy, but it doesn't matter.
Things are starting to get better. I paid 8 bills on Saturday. I intend to pay about 3 or 4 more before I save up for rent. I find it's easier to make sure I have enough to cover rent (without over-drawing my account) and then pay bills, rather than vice-versa. It has to be that way, because the tips I'm getting right now are so incredibly huge, right now (sarcasm). As of today, I've made $387.00 in tips in 8 days of work. That is so crappy, I cannot begin to tell you. That's $48.37 a shift. Sure, you're doing the math and saying " Well that means you're making $18.84 an hour". Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sounds nice on blog. Still poor. It's only a 4-hour shift. That's only $75.36 a shift, before taxes.
It will get better. It really will. Soon, the harrassing calls from my credit card company will stop (I'm up to 3 a day). I will have paid things off, I won't have to work two jobs, I'll be able to put money into the bank, and-- dare I dream it-- I'll be able to work on my acting career, again!
Yeah, that whole reason I moved out here? That dream.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Guess what? I'm still poor!

This is just a notice to all you loyal readers to let you know that my phone may be disconnected, and thus my DSL. This could mean no Pretty McSomethin for a while. How long, exactly, I'm not sure. Those reconnection fees can be icky. But hopefully not too long.
Take care, loyal readers.