Friday, July 28, 2006


Here is the proof that I did in fact work at Disneyland. You can't just go and get these things made. For four glorious days, I was a cast mamber. And if I lived closer, I might consider working there, again. That is, if I were to find myself in the same situation and not moved on to bigger and better things. It might be fun to work in the entertainment division, but they don't have too many shows going on there. I guess they don't have too many people working there with my name, or they at least didn't expect to get any more Alithias before the end of the 50th celebration. Well, this is just another item that will have to go up in the museum the world builds for me after I take it over. Posted by Picasa


Look at our little kitty, Tiger. She's an angel... when she's sleeping. In this house, you won't find a cat who cuddles better. Posted by Picasa