Friday, May 27, 2005

Actually, this was my Wednesday.

Ah, Friday. Just another workday for a waitress.
I hate waitressing. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Waitressing makes me realize how stupid and petty people can be.
Fact of restaurant life #1:
If there are four men at a table, and one man orders steak, you will need to bring four steak knifes, even if one man orders fish.
F.O.R.L. #2:
People won't want coffee until they see you tearing it down for the night.
Now, I admit, I have my moments where I suck as a server. But I am mostly a very good server. I am nice. I am concerned about your dining experience. I get your food out to you as fast as I possibly can. And if there's a problem with your meal, I fix it as soon as I can. What more can you ask of from a server, really? Well, sometimes that isn't good enough.
Please don't misunderstand me. 90% of my guests are good people, and we get along great. But there are those people who are out there who are determined to eat out. And it doesn't matter where they are or who waits on them-- they are bound and determined to have a bad time. Why? Because they want recognition. They want to use the restaurant as a miniature map of their pathetic little lives and use their server as the assholes who walk all over them every day. They want the manager to be the authority who acknowledges this injustice and, to prove to these people that their lives are worth something other than what they've made it, give them a discount. What would be even better for these few people is if you got fired.
Apparently, over the holiday season, my general manager received a letter from a guest about me who said I was a very nice girl, but really not cut out to be a server, and they would be better off if they just let me go. How does a person do this? Who is this person who feels they are righteous enough to decide who can and cannot work? How dare they?
Honestly, it is so easy to spot people who have never waited a table a day in their life, because they look at you like you're some second-class citizen. It doesn't matter if, by day, you're taking classes to get your degree in history. They are obviously better than you because they are sitting in the cushy seat, and you are the one taking their $11.00 tip (on a $120.00 bill, I might add).
I would get a second job, but I already work six days a week just make sure my rent check doesn't bounce, as it is.
That's why I'm working on making some changes.
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Monday, May 23, 2005


Today I became certified in (adult) CPR and basic first aid. It wasn't so exciting.
You know, I gotta say it: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is not interesting me very much. I'm watching it on DVD right now, because it's known as one of our most important films, I guess. But I'm not enjoying it. I think it's because of my dislike of asylums. While I acknowledge their importance, I just don't like them. Maybe the film gets better, later on? Films that show the darker side of reality (and I don't mean Hollywood violence, I've been desensitized to that) always disturb me.

First post

Hello. I had to start journaling. I had to. I'm going insane. Not officially, at least, but sometimes it feels like it. I'm not getting a vacation anytime soon, and I have to stop using my coworkers as sounding boards. So I'll use an obscure blog as my sounding board. Welcome to my blog.
In the mean time, I'm tired. Got to get up and become CPR certified, tomorrow. Enjoy the world, darlings. It's the only one we've got-- for now...
Oh yeah. I'm all about lousy one-liners.