Friday, August 19, 2005

Love Past

By thy side I should be
And not here among the sad
They should know someone like you
To bring them hope when they are at their lowest
As I am now

Thinking of you now
I can almost feel your breath upon my cheek
Your hand in mine
And if I close my eyes but for a moment
You whisper a sweet secret in my ear
That only we will know

I speak of what I don't know
But what I thought I once had
Silly girl, I chide myself
Probably to become a silly woman
And then, finally, a silly crone
My insecurities know no bounds

And yet, the thought of you
The memory of you
Of what we had, of what there was
Makes me brighten
For, though I know you have moved on
I realize it was my belief in you
That made me strong

Sad though that may sound
It does give me strength
Whether we meet again or not
Whether you love me still or no
You will always be here with me
And that, my darling, makes all the difference in the world.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Okay, but I could always burn down the building...

Today, I could've been fired, quite easily. You see, I set a trash can on fire at work in the kitchen. Oh, I put it out, of course. Man, it was funny.
So I'm at brunch at the Scottish Place, and we're all really bored because no one's there. A few of us are in the kitchen, and one girl (we'll call her "Platinum Tiki" to hide her true identity) was holding one of those really thin long birthday candles. A guest had left a pack of them from the night before, only this one was bent in a few places.
Now, I don't know why the hell I did this.
"Hey, P.T." I said. "I bet I can light that candle from the middle." And I pulled out my lighter.
"Okay." Said P.T., and she gave me the candle.
I was, in fact, able to light it from the middle. However, the wax started dripping on my finger and burned, so Platinum took the candle back from me. The flame grew bigger, and we giggled, and then I realized where she was holding it.
"Hey, P.T." I said, "You better move that over to the sink and away from the trash can."
Either she wasn't paying attention, or Platinum was in shock from how high the flame was growing in her hand. She just stood there holding the candle over the receipt-filled trash can, gigling uncontrollably.
"W-w-what?" She laughed.
"Move the candle." I laughed back. Of course, I must've been in shock, too. I wasn't doing anything, either.
"What do you mean?" P.T. giggled.
"Fire, paper-- bad!" I said. I was kind of worried, now. Some of the other people in the kitchen were watching us, now.
Then it happened. Part of the long candle, the part with the flame on it, fell right into the trash can. The top was hidden by a hole in the counter, but a nice orange glow was eminating from it.
"Oh, good god damn, Plat!" I said. I looked around for a container.
"Oh my god!" She said. We both stopped laughing for a moment.
"The trash can's on fire!" I said, as I have a knack for stating the obvious. The first container I saw was a cappuccino cup. I filled it with water from the sink next to me, pulled out the trash can, and dumped the water in. It put the fire out, but there were still some glowing papers, so I dumped one more cup-full in. That did it.
Someone was smart enough to suggest that I take out that trash bag and replace it. Not even considering evidence at the time, I thout that was a great idea, and did it, immediately. Our expeditor came into the kitchen and asked what the smell was. One of the waitresses (we'll call her "Funniest Woman Ever") told him that P.T. and I had set the trash can on fire, and said it had been the best part of her day. I made a joke about having repressed anger with the Scottish Place.
"Repressed?" Funniest asked. "I'd say that was anger busting right out."
After I came in from taking out the trash, P.T. and I glanced at each other and just laughed. What else could we do?